Start of women's history month

All the genius ladies. Learn about 'em. 

Unplug Day

Goodbye ieverything. Hello Nature. 


Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday)

You know you want to wear beads. And king cake makes an awesome breakfast. 


Ash Wednesday 

It might explain some less than clean looking foreheads. And why friends are giving up sweets. 


SXSW (south x southwest) opening day and International Women's Day

One is Heaven for your IT friends (especially if they live in Texas), and one's all about gender equality.  



Time for Acumen students to shine. You got this!


Daylight Savings Time

Spring forward. Clocks ahead. YAY more daylight, BOO1 less hour of sleep.


National Napping Day

Not kidding. Makes sense after DST.


IHOP Free Pancake Day

This week keeps getting better and better! You get a short stack, you get a short stack...


Pi Day

Math nerds fav day, also $3.14 pizzas @ Blaze Pizza & a great excuse to eat your favorite pie!


St. Paddy's (not Patty's) Day

Corned beef & cabbage for all our friends! 


Spring has officially sprung. 

and Holi and Purim begin.

Tulips, colors, and costumes.



It's official. UK and EU are over. Unless May pulls off a make-up sess. 

Everything SAT

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Reviewing for the Exam

The Other Test (ACT)

We now offer ACT tutoring! In recent years we've seen a trend where many students take both the SAT and the ACT. Another exam?! Maybe. Some key differences might make the ACT more your thing:

  • Like Bill Nye The Science Guy? The ACT has a science section. 25% of your total score.

  • Dig Geometry? It makes up 40% of the ACT math questions. 

  • Math not your thing? At. All. (we can help). Math is 25% of your total ACT score vs. 50% of your SAT (but seriously, we can help).

  • ACT math ?s are ALL multiple choice. The SAT has some write ins.

  • And finally the essay - still optional but here you give and support your own opinion on an issue. 

Test Tubes

Collegeboard is your new best friend

We are now enrolling for summer classes to prepare students for the August 24th SAT and fall exam dates. Our classes will be held at Manheim Township HS, Lancaster Catholic HS, and at Calvary Church (Manheim Township). 

Let's Talk Scholarships

This is a great place to tell people more about your business, and the services you offer. Want to make this content your own? It's easy.

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3 cups


2 tsp.


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2 tbsp.


1½ cups


2019 SAT Dates
Test Date                   Reg Deadline
Oct 5                                   Sept 6
Nov 2                                  Oct 3
Dec 7                                  Nov 8
2020 SAT Dates
Test Date                   Reg Deadline
Mar 14                                Feb 14
May 2                                  April 3
June 6                                May 8
2019 ACT Dates
Test Date                   Reg Deadline
Oct 26                                Sept 27
Dec 14                               Nov 8
2020 ACT Dates
Test Date                   Reg Deadline
Feb 8                                  Jan 10
April 4                                 Feb 28
June 13                              May 8

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