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Welcome to Fool's Spring, SATs, and Genius Ideas to Combat Dreaduary

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

February. Dreaduary. Am I right?

And no, I’m not a Valentine’s Day hater. We’re holiday people around here, so we’re all about heart shaped foods on the big day. Pink heart shaped Rice Krispie treats are our specialty. 

But the rest of the month is not exactly my fav. If you’re on the same page, here’s how the month is trying to win us over:

  1. February 4th — National Thank a Mail Carrier Day. Even though the postage rates just had the biggest hike ever (not their fault but they’re probably getting lots of flak, so show ‘em some love).

  2. February 5th — National Shower with a Friend Day (I am not making this up). If you’re a teen parent, I’m sorry… do NOT imagine this. Think water conservation, water conservation, water conservation. 

  3. February 7th — National Periodic Table Day. Have one taking Chemistry? You can have fun with this. 

  4. FEBRUARY 8TH — March SAT regular registration DEADLINE. If you miss this, you’re out an extra $29 bucks. That’s roughly 8 grande lattes, or 10 Left Hand Milk Stouts at $3 can night, a decent dinner, or at least one drop-in yoga session. Don’t miss it.

  5. February 9th — National Pizza Day. Hallelujah!! And why isn’t this every month? Every day? I read a blog about a girl who ate pizza for every meal every day for a week. And did not gain weight. Who wants to try it with me?

  6. February 11th — National Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day. Don’t sweat the small stuff. This should be every day too. 

  7. February 13th — GALENTINE’S DAY!! “It’s like Lilith Fair, minus the angst. Plus frittatas.” I love you Leslie Knope. And I love my tribe, so this could be every day too. 

  8. February 14th — National Organ Donor Day. Not what you thought I was going to write, huh? I have more than one friend who is alive because of an organ transplant. It’s a good day to be grateful, and to check your organ donor status. 

  9. February 15th — National Singles Awareness Day. Because per the wisdom on my perfume by Philosophy: “when it comes to love you need not fall but, rather, surrender. Surrender to the idea that you must love yourself before you can love another." Not bad advice, right?

  10. February 18th — National Drink Wine Day. Not my thing, but I’m willing to drink a beer (maybe a cider?) in solidarity w/ my wine-day-celebrating friends. Or grapes, I can eat grapes.

  11. February 20th — National Love Your Pet Day. Hopefully no one needs a reminder to do this, but I bet they’d love an extra treat today (or any day). 

  12. February 22nd — National Margarita Day. Except maybe not for me…”I got a girl named Sheila, she goes bat sh#t on tequila”. Jake Owen’s not wrong. 

  13. February 28th — National Public Sleeping Day. Apparently it’s acceptable to nap whenever/wherever the mood strikes you. Someone please tell my boss.

And leap day, leap day is just trying to make the month more fun. People born on 2/29 are called leaplings or leapers, how cool is that? We have a friend who got married on Leap Day supposedly so he’d only have to celebrate his anniversary every 4 years. I think that means the present should be spectacular. And expensive. Next one’s February 29th 2020. I hope he’s ready, and dread free.

If you have a HS student you might really be feeling the dread in dreaduary.

Remember the advice re what not to ask a high school senior? Wellll, not everyone else does. I’ve been asked 8 times this week where my daughter is going to school. We. Don’t. Know. Yet. And half of those questions started with “I know I shouldn’t ask this, but..” Seriously? If you start a sentence that way, you probably shouldn’t finish it.

But high school upper classmen peeps, there are quite a few things you should be finishing right now. The FAFSA. If you haven’t attacked this beast yet. Do it. Now. Deadline varies by state and college -- for most of us it's March 1 -- but the start date was October so we’re midway through and there’s a first come first served element that can’t be ignored. 

College visits. The decision round. Not just about the sweatshirt this time. Prospective students days are key.*

Scholarships. Search, apply, rinse and repeat. Throughout your entire college career. 

Summer jobs/internships. Make sure they’re all lined up. I have one who waited until summer was almost over to seek steady employment last year. She’s still in the will, but it was dodgy there for a bit. 

And sophomore and junior parents, it’s SAT time.

You’ve got options: March 9th, May 4th, June 1st, and we’ve got classes to help. Starting Feb. 23rd and April 13th. It might not be their favorite Valentine’s Day gift ever, but add the Rice Krispie treats and you’ll score some points helping them score some points.

For senior families, as we round the bend to the last half of their last year in high school, exhale.

And then have fun. Make the heart shaped pancake breakfast, pack a valentine in their lunch even if it embarrasses them. Watch a goofy movie, go on a family date, take a picture…lots of them…and if you have a heart shaped frame use it. And for just a little extra embarrassment, bandy it about on social media. You’ve got limited time left to mortify them. Use it well.

*Oh and on the off chance your senior has yet to apply anywhere, there are still some schools with later deadlines.

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