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15 Things I miss About the Boy Man When He’s Away at School

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

“If I were him, I’d be offended.” 

That’s what my daughter said when she read my last blog.


Definitely not my intent. So, in the interest of full transparency, I miss my college-aged son when he’s away at school.

A lot.

I just don’t miss all the things on the previous post that sometimes (as in pretty much always) accompany him when he’s home.

Top 15 things I miss about the boy man when he’s not he

  1. Hearing him talk to Wags the dog. He uses this soft, kind, compassionate voice that I imagine might someday be his dad voice. 

  2. Seeing Wags’s response. Pure love. 

  3. Getting asked every day starting around 3pm “what’s for dinner?” and seeing the smile when I say “I have a plan” (especially if it involves bacon). Wags starts doing the dinner dance at the same time. #cutfromthesamecloth

  4. Sleeping in for a few extra minutes because he feeds the dog at the early a.m. I-want-my-breakfast shrill barkfest. Occasionally there’s a battle of wills as we wait each other out to see who caves first, but I even miss those mornings too. 

  5. Getting the apologetic face when I call him out for leaving dishes in the sink or the wet bath mat on the floor, followed by a “come on mom…bring it in” and an enveloping hug. My favorite moments (minus the sopping wet bath mat).

  6. Binge watching Friday Night Lights and eating like a teenage boy together.

  7. Listening to him call his Mimi. Almost daily, definitely weekly. #momgoals.

  8. Convincing him to reenact his “Thriller” dance moves from a middle school class he hated. It slays us instantly. 

  9. That he’s always willing to run out for seltzer, milk, light bulbs, dog food or whatever it is I need. He takes it super seriously and there’s always a barrage of text questions. Love that he’s trying to do the job right. Future employers please take note. 

  10. Fraternity brother stories. The mom versions. Still funny.

  11. Sibling time. Even when they’re fighting. Love every minute of them together. 

  12. Laundry questions. Seriously. He calls from school every time he does laundry too. I know he doesn’t actually need me, but it’s nice to field those calls anyway. And he’s coachable. 

  13. Having him ask “do you need me to do anything today?” Whoa. Pick me up off the floor first, and then yes, definitely. Again future employers, spouses…take note. 

  14. His laugh. It’s been ringing out in our home and my head for 22 years. I’ll always remember the first time I heard it, and it’s still one of the most beautiful sounds in the world.

  15. Hearing the “gone fishing” sign on his door rattle when he turns in for the night (he’s not stealth). Even when it’s way after midnight. There is something about knowing he’s home, and safe, and loved. I hope he always feels all 3 of those things.

Now I can’t wait for spring break.

When I’ll be reminded why I’m glad it’s only a week. And then miss him all over again after he heads back to WVU until summer. Parenting young adults is a special kind of emotional yo-yo, with a whole new set of fears and rules. One thing that doesn’t change, your kids will always love home, and anything you can send “from home” (aka Amazon) will go a long way towards making them feel loved.

You know your child best, but home-made cookies are always a fav, if you can swing the baking, packing and shipping on your own, and if not Insomnia cookies are your friend.

So is Amazon Prime. I know, I know…I am usually a shop local girl, but I can get a package to my boy man* really quickly with just about everything I want minus the hand written note and hug:

  • New socks (if you saw the old ones you’d understand)

  • foot-warmers (holy wind chill)

  • Clif bars (if he’d eat an edible arrangement I’d sent that)

  • Emergen-C gummies

  • popcorn

  • Febreeze (because he is a boy man)

  • hat and gloves (I’m still mommin’)

  • an extra blanket (maybe even the rave-reviewed weighted one)

  • his favorite gum

  • a new toothbrush (the old Flat Stanley one he’s rocking has got to go)

  • razors blades/shaving cream (no shave November is over, we’re now dangerously close to lazy man February)

  • hand sanitizer (even though he probably won’t use it)

  • an over the door basketball hoop (still fun)

  • the book Make Your Bed because he might just listen to someone else saying it

That book is great prep for a successful life. Know what else is great prep?

You know where I’m going with this…Acumen’s SAT prep class.

*Word to the wise, make sure you have the correct address before you hit “send” from your shopping cart. Even if your student gives you the address himself (actually, especially if your student gives you the address himself). Mine managed to get the city and zip code for his new apartment wrong, which means I just sent an $85 text book (via expedited shipping), and his uncle sent an Xmas gift to someone else’s boy man.

Maybe I can wait for spring break.

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